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President Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs. Who was the enemy? The enemy: you were the enemy, society, your kids were the enemy, mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, police, college professors, truck drivers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, neighbors, politicians, and anyone who used illegal or prescription drugs was the enemy.

I got clean and sober from drugs and alcohol on December 8, 1981; I was 2 months from my 43rd birthday. I decided that based on my behavior and history with drugs and alcohol that at the rate I was going; I was on my way to San Quentin Federal Prison if I tested dirty one more time while on probation. I already had a 3 year suspended sentence and was going to jail for three years and did not like the consequences. Therefore, in December 8, 1981 I went to Alcoholic Anonymous, which is when my life turned around.

The 6 Most Expensive Addictions













Addiction Rehab

How much is lost gambling each year?
Worst addictions?
What are the costs of?
What is the most expensive addiction?
How much is spent on drugs and alcohol annually?
Amount spent annually on smoking addictions drinking drugs gambling addicts wasted money annually from loss of rehab time?

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Suggested Reading

Getting Tough on Gateway Drugs A Guide for The Family

His views mean a lot to me. He speaks from a knowledgeable perspective and I value his opinions. We need to educate ourselves about the drug culture around us. By B. Heidelman

This is Your Country On Drugs

Accurately portrays drug use and Usage in America. Vivid examples are shown on how particular drugs alter people's sense of consciousness. By Dr. Lichtman

Opiate Addiction

I found this book to be a very thorough and educational account of the problem of opiate addiction and heroin addiction in this country. Drawing on her own personal experiences with addiction and recovery, Adams provides a lot of information that is easy to understand intertwined with her own stories of struggles with opiates and redemption. The history was interesting as was how this stuff affects the body and brain chemistry. I also appreciated the time and attention spent in giving solutions and "a way out" for those who are addicted to opiates. A good read. By F. Edward

Addict In The Family

As a newcomer to dealing with a loved one with an addition, I really needed this book to help me understand and navigate through. I thought that it was a lack of willingness on the part of an addict to want help. In a small way, desire to get clean is part of it, but reading this helped me look at the bigger picture. Most important, it help me remember I only have control of what I do, and navigate my feeling during the process. Very well written and very helpful. By K. Smith

American Pain

As someone who worked in law enforcement in southern WV, Professor Temple's book shines a light on how so many pills came flooding into WV and KY. The book goes a long way in explaining why so many became addicted. It further illustrates why states and the federal government need to work together to end this scourge. A fascinating book! By Mark Lambert

Facing Addiction in America

This is the link to access the Surgeon General Report:


I, __________________________
Know that the purpose of my life is to be free to choose happiness as the beacon that guides me to freedom. To be the architect and builder of my spiritual connection to a power greater than myself, to go about each day with the attitude of “Yes I expect to win and I will”

I promise to always respect my body as the holy temple that it is and not pollute it with disease, alcohol, food, drugs, tobacco or any negative thought or deed; And to share with you my friends, the same honesty that I share with myself; always be good to yourself; and to accept prosperity and abundance as your divine birthright. Go in love and peace and I will always remember that it’s okay to say;

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